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4 room(s)
€ 535,800 ++ Freehold


  • Air conditioner in every room
  • electricity and water supply
  • Enclosed Living Area
  • Garage
  • Guest Toilet
  • Parking Area
  • Warehouse/Staff Room
  • Water heater


  • Internet excluded
  • Unfurnished

Distance & Places of Interest

  • Finns Beach Club
  • Echo Beach
  • Pererenan beach
  • Dang Cookies
  • Frestive Supermarket
  • Canggu Station



Tiga House is all about uniqueness. This house is having three separate buildings in one area. It’s located at the very end of the street in the residential area of Berawa, Canggu. When you go through the gate, you will find a wide parking area that cat fit four cars and two bikes.

This is a perfect location villa Bali to stay for a long time. Since its very close to many cafes, restaurants, local shops and traditional market. Moreover, there is also supermarket, and it’s especially really close to many beaches and recreation places.

The first building was built in 2009, adopted the Heritage design of Dutch Hindi with the unique windows around the house. This building has two stories with one bedroom and an ensuite bathroom on each level. Build along with the drill well water supply, this villa Bali has 4000kwh electricity supply. The master bedroom is on the second level, with the wide window facing the sunset view of Canggu. On the same level as the master bedroom, you can find a space that is really suitable for doing workouts and yoga. On the first level of the house, you can find the living area with open access to the kitchen and dining area, with the colorful glass of the window around the room.

Then, the second building of Tiga House is located beside the first building. Was built in 2012, this three stories building is having only 2 bedrooms ensuite a spacious bathroom with a bathtub on a second level. This villa is also have its own drill well water supply and 8000kwh electricity supply. On the first level, you can find a spacious kitchen that will fit with 4 person dining table. There is a storage room that has a connection door to the kitchen.

The other spacious room you can set as the living room with the guest toilet. On the third level of this building, you can find a wide space with a rooftop. There, you can set the room as the main living area. Or, you can just enjoy the view of Canggu through the wide window around. Besides this building, there are 2 rooms, and a small kitchen for staff. The villa management Bali team is ready to answer your requests and desires.

The last building is a spacious enclosed gazebo with a wooden pillar in the room. This building was build at the same time as the second building. It has a door and widows in every side of the wall. With this space, you can set the space for gathering with a big family since it can occupy up to 50 people in the room. Its a perfect space for an indoor event.

This place is also perfect if you would like to put on the Bali villa rental market one or more of the houses. Contact our Bali real estate agency if you need more information.


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