Terms and conditions

The prices of our accommodations communicated in our descriptive sheets mean per week of rental unless otherwise stated and the details of the services included are defined for each accommodation. Electricity, gas, various taxes and final cleaning are included in our prices, unless otherwise specified. We remind you that the balance must be paid the day after your arrival at the latest. They include our technical organizational costs (product research, intervention, approach and commercial margin) and it is therefore up to the customer to assess before departure whether the price satisfies him, and at the same time to accept that the amount established corresponds to a fixed price that cannot be compared with a posted public price or a one-off promotion.

Deposit amount: 50% of the rental amount of the villa at the time of registration. Payment of the balance on arrival in the villa. For registrations made less than 60 days before the departure date, the full amount of the services will be due when ordering. Payment by credit card which will be converted into local currency on the basis of current rates and payment date as well as bank charges of 3%.
* Please note that some villas require full payment 60 to 30 days before arrival.
* We consider the amount we received as the down payment. There could be additional charges (transfer fees, bank fees, credit card fees, etc.), it is not the agency’s responsibility

In the case of non-compliance with this deadline, your rental may be cancelled automatically, without notice.

As in hotels, the owner of the villa is required to register his guests in his villa. A photocopy of your passport will be required in order to complete the formalities with the  police station. The cost is 25,000 IDR per person or about 1.80 euros or 2.50 USD.

Arrival time: between 2pm and 7pm.
Departure time: between 8am and 12pm.

Under no circumstances will the owner or Bali I love you be held responsible for any loss or theft in the rented villa. Please put your money and valuables in the villa’s safety box. In order to organize your transfer from the villa to the airport, please confirm your flight time 24 hours in advance with BALI JE T’AIME. Under no circumstances will BALI JE T’AIME be held responsible for a failed transport connection.

As a customer, you agree to take all necessary measures to ensure that you and your family comply with the rules of the rental you have chosen. The premises must be left as clean as when you arrived. Animals are only accepted if their presence has been requested and accepted at the time of registration.

When, before departure, compliance with one of the essential elements of the contract is made impossible, as a result of an external event that occurs in BALI JE T’AIME, the buyer will be notified immediately by the travel consultant, who will propose either a modification or termination of the contract. A written confirmation will be sent to the buyer who must make his choice known as soon as possible. If the buyer chooses to terminate the contract, he is entitled to a refund of all the sums he has paid.
You must pay the deposit of your villa rental no later than 10 days after the date of issue of the proforma invoice without any reminder from us. Customers who have not paid the deposit are considered to have cancelled their villa reservation, without being able to take advantage of this cancellation (the date of the bank transfer being proof).

Any cancellation must be made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The date of receipt determines the fees according to the following schedule:
More than60 days before your arrival: 40% of the total amount of your rental will be charged.

– Between 60 and 30 days before your arrival: 50% of the rental amount will be charged.
– Between 30 and 21 days before your arrival: 70% of the rental amount will be charged.
– Between 21 days and the date of entry into the premises: 100% of the amount of your rental will be charged.
– However, if the villa, the object of the cancellation, is re-let (same dates), 70% of the sums paid will be returned to you.

Use of swimming pools: it is up to our customers to take all precautions when using these facilities. Especially if they are staying with young children for whom they are responsible for supervision. The client acknowledges that the organizer and the owners are entirely free of liability in the case of an accident involving himself, his family or his guests.

For any complaints relating to your villa rental you must notify BALI JE T’AIME, customer comments available on our website www.balijetaime.com

The corresponding descriptions provided are faithfully transcribed in our technical data sheets. If, despite these multiple precautions, your rental does not correspond to the description given, BALI JE T’AIME, in its capacity as a service intermediary, cannot be held responsible for a fault (due to a concealment, omission, hidden defect…) or a change made by the local correspondents or owners of the premises. If you exceed the number of people planned in your rental, on arrival or during your stay, you do so at the risk of being refused access or of being subjected to a price increase rightfully claimed by the owner.

Your rental must have kitchen equipment, dishes, furniture, and bedding. The owner is responsible for the quality and quantity of this equipment, which must be related to the capacity (garden furniture and pool deckchairs do not necessarily have to be of the same number as the capacity). Nevertheless, the decorations, colors and objects vary for each rental.

The tenant must never personally interfere in the pool machinery.

Neither the agency nor the owner can be held responsible for irregularities, and/or lack of use that may occur in water, electricity, telephone services, etc. Similarly, works, sites, various events of private or public origin can not be opposed to the agency.

As a general rule and for certain destinations, a security deposit will be requested by the person in charge of reception. This deposit must be given to the owner or local
correspondent upon your arrival. It must not be cashed and will be returned to you on the day of your departure or within a maximum of 10 days, deductions made for
additional consumption, charges and possible damage after the inspection and inventory. The latter may refuse you entry to the premises if you do not give him the

cheque or the imprint of your credit card. BALI JE T’AIME not being involved in the payment of these deposits, its liability will not be engaged at any time. In the case of broken or damaged equipment in the villa, the responsibility will be that of the person who booked the villa. Financial compensation may be requested.

We draw our clients’; attention to the consequences of cancelling an individual rental, as this is a one-time event and the rental contract cannot be compared to hotel reservation contracts or other tourist services. In some cases, you will find attached to your registration form, the cancellation fee schedule, sent by the selected accommodation provider or owner. We wish you a pleasant holiday in your villa in Bali. By telephone within 72 hours of your arrival, this complaint must imperatively, to be taken into consideration, be followed by an arrival. After this period (7 days max.) no claims will be considered.

This claim will be immediately forwarded to BALI JE T’AIME who will do everything possible to resolve amicably the dispute between you and the owner. If no solution is

found, only the courts of our local correspondents will be competent.

If we provide transport services, delays or modifications due to social movements or technical problems; this does not in any way lead to compensation or cancellation of land services, as these two services are in no way linked. However, any damage caused to customers by an irregularity in air transport and, if the customer considers
it necessary, it is recommended to contact the airline concerned directly. Of course, BALI JE T’AIME will always try to provide an alternative solution.
The travel schedules provided are for information only: for technical and safety reasons, all airlines reserve the exceptional possibility of modifying them. These
delays or modifications cannot result in any compensation whatsoever. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that special flights on regular airlines are generally non-transferable and non-refundable.

Rigorously selects its partners: services, local correspondents… and it is with the greatest care and professionalism of our team that we advise you on the choice of
your trip, taking into account your interest and your requirements. However, despite our offers and our vigilance, the unfathomable can happen. In these very rare cases,
and whatever the reason for your complaint, you can count on our dedication to do everything possible to satisfy you and acquire your loyalty.

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