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Here is some information before renting your in Bali. Bali, the island of the gods, still exudes charm and beauty. It is one of the smallest islands in Indonesia, but remains by far the most coveted by tourists.
This little paradise brings together all the essential elements for a successful holiday. Beautiful beaches in the south, extraordinary mountains covered with forests, pleasant hills on which the rice fields draw pretty curves where the light dances, a lively and authentic culture and above all, the essential: a population of astonishing kindness, a sweetness at all times.

Faced with the tourist invasion of the southern beaches and their concentration camp tendencies, the Balinese maintain their calm and their customs. What a pleasure to see, in the early morning, men and women place their offerings in front of their homes or businesses and say their prayers as if nothing else mattered. Surely it is this perception of the essential common to all Balinese that makes them so affable. Bali is definitely one of the last places in the world that despite the tourist boom has not completely sold its soul even though Balinese still have something to sell you.

Tourism in Bali
Bali: lifestyle, tourism, Bali villas (English)

Bali breathes the sweetness of life, not only by its wonderful climate and its sumptuous landscapes, but also by the kindness of its inhabitants, sometimes curious (they will look over your shoulder to see what you read or what you write, even in French), often noisy (and they get up early!), but always friendly and smiling.
The main interest of Bali lies in everyday life. A mistake not to make is to visit all the sites in record time. In Bali, more than anywhere else, you have to know how to get lost and take your time.

Despite the difficulties of daily life (corruption at all levels of the state which also plagues civil society), the Balinese continue to maintain very cordial surface relations with tourists. You have to develop any opportunity for contact with the locals if you want to discover the Bali of rites, night ceremonies, trance dances.
There is no recipe. With a few rudiments of Bahasa Indonesia and a few sleepless nights, you gradually enter another world, unsuspected by tourists who flock to phony trance shows or widely advertised cremations.
To participate in this active and original life of the island, it is enough to be available, to know how to observe to plan a future party, a future ceremony. So during your stay in Bali, you will really approach the pace and you may have the chance to be invited to many villages that dot the island and that do not appear on any tourist brochure, on any guide, not even ours. .

Being located near the equator, in a tropical region, Bali has only two seasons that harmonize and balance each other.

dry season: from May to November-December. This does not prevent a few days of rain here or there. Avoid the hordes of tourists by preferring Bali in May, September or October.
Rainy season: January to April. In general, the month of July is the coolest and driest of the year, while in January the rainfall reaches its maximum (be careful, it rains twice as much in the north as in the south of the island). Even in the dry season it can rain (often good showers!). June is a good plan: everything is green after the monsoon and the average temperature is 26 degrees. Bali really has an ideal climate: it is warm enough to have the courage to go from one bistro to another. Well, more seriously, the temperature is pleasant almost all the time. It can be very hot but it is never unbearable. We burn in less than 1 hour! the days always keep the same amplitude. The sun rises, whatever the season, around 6 a.m. and sets no later than 6 p.m.
Jet lag
Indonesia is 6 hours ahead of continental Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland) in summer and 7 hours in winter.

Attention, here we do not joke with drugs! Refer to the “dangers and nuisances” section in the “general” chapter at the beginning of the guide. You will sometimes be offered it at parties in Kuta or Seminyak. Refuse politely: drug dealers are ALWAYS in cahoots with the police. There are regularly a pair of French people who sign a more or less long lease in Balinese prisons (those of Denpasar are particularly famous). It’s expensive for their parents, and it freaks out the kids who never know how long they have it. So it’s very simple: do not touch it! The Michael Blanc affair which shook France when he was sentenced to prison after being arrested with 3.8kg of hashish in his possession in December 1999, the young Michael crumpled

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