West Bali Adventure & Activities

The first beach on the way from Tabanan is Medewi Beach, which is better for adventure surfing than swimming. Some surfers say it has the longest lefthand wave in Bali, reaching 50 to 150m on a normal day, and 400m during the best days.

For smaller waves, go further west to Delod berawah, just before Negara. The beach is popular with locals and has few friendly cafés and Bali lodgings – a nice where to stay in Bali. The clean, black-sand shore is ideal for quiet morning walks. Go for a walk to rice fields following the side road, 100m inland, heading west to Yehkuning. A quieter place to laze away a few hours and enjoy the gentle sea breeze is Balukrening, located around five kilometers west of Negara.

Further east along the coast, Pura Rambut Siwi (“Temple of the Worshipped Hairs”), like other sanctuaries allegedly built by Nirartha, is located on a remarkable site. The temple sits on the border of the sea on Yehembang, offering a clear view of Java and a peaceful landscape of rice fields, with verdant mountains in the background. The serene atmosphere exudes the spiritually attributed to the great Javanese priest.