Kuta & Legian General Information

Kuta & Legian Orientation

Kuta & Legian are two tourist areas located in south Bali, precisely comes after the international airport to the north. As a world famous tourist destination, Kuta and Legian offer many kinds of sightseeing and attraction, entertainment and beaches to enjoy. Jalan Legian and jalan Padma are two main streets where tourists can enjoy the authentic local dishes or international, wide option of bars and night clubs. Those streets are convenient for pedestrians. While jalan pantai kuta is a main street along kuta beach in which everyone can enjoy various restaurants or bars by the beach and connected to poppies lane I and II. Those streets are commercial hub in Kuta and Legian in the stage of shopping centers, souvenir stores, art shops and boutiques. For this reason, Kuta and Legian offer large number of accommodation from beach front five star hotels to affordable hostels. Kuta & Legian provides every element of holiday in Bali for any level of visitor.


Kuta & Legian information center

Money Changer
Money changer counters are easily find in Kuta. Anyhow, it is highly recommended to go only to authorized one instead of going to small counters along the road in tourist area in Bali. This is to avoid the scams. Central Kuta Money Changer is one of trusted money changer in Kuta area. The branches available in Kuta Square shopping center and also Jalan kartika Plaza. PT. Dirgahayu Valuta prima is also recommended money changer in Kuta area.

Banks/ATMs/Western Union
There are Indonesian and international banks available in Kuta and Legian. The international one is Commonwealth bank located in Jalan Melasti Kuta and Indonesian banks such as BNI, Danamon, BCA, Mandiri, Permata Bank and CIMB Niaga. Office operational hours for Indonesian banks are Monday to Friday from 8AM to 3PM except BNI bank located in Jalan Legian that open on Saturday from 8AM to 2PM. The banks provide services for money changer, western union and also 24 hrs ATM service. The banks provide the western union service are Danamon bank and Mandiri bank. ATMs also can be found easily in store, shopping mall or restaurants. The notes are available in 50.000 rupiah note and 100.000 rupiah note. Maximum withdraw per transaction in 50.000 rupiah note is 1.500.000 rupiah and 3.000.000 rupiah for note of 100.000 rupiah. The charge fee applied might vary depends on the bank policy.