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Bali’s Charm: An Unforgettable Journey through Canggu, Ubud, Amed, Seminyak, and Jimbaran

Bali's Charm: An Unforgettable Journey through Canggu, Ubud, Amed, Seminyak, and Jimbaran

Want to go on holiday in Bali but don’t know where to go? Let our Bali JeT’aime real estate agency
prepare a route for you by suggesting the right villa Bali along the way.

Canggu, 1 night

On arrival at Denpasar airport, we advise you to take a taxi and go to bed in Canggu, a district close to the airport.

The next day, take time to wake up to the bustle of the city and go out for a coffee. In the morning, you can hire paddle boards at Berawa beach. There are plenty of shops selling clothes and jewelry, so don’t forget to negotiate the price. At lunchtime, you’ll find lunch in the many seaside restaurants and take the opportunity to relax. In the afternoon, you can take surfing lessons, or simply hire a deckchair and relax to recover from the time difference. In the evening, depending on how you feel, you can return to the house and take advantage of the many facilities it has to offer, such as Wi-Fi access for watching films or simply relaxing and enjoying the view of the sunset.

Ubud, 4 nights

The following morning, we suggest you continue your adventure a little further north on the island and head for Ubud, which takes around 1 hour. Leaving late in the morning, you’ll arrive in Ubud at around 1pm, the perfect time to discover the town’s central street, and in particular its traditional market. You’ll be able to sample traditional dishes as well as discovering typical workers. It’s the ideal place to find gifts to offer or just to make beautiful memories. In the afternoon, we invite you to go to your villa Bali and take possession of the premises. A chef will be delighted to prepare traditional dishes for you.

The following day, we recommend that you book cooking classes with local people to learn more about Balinese culture. They will take you shopping and show you how to cook traditional dishes. In the late afternoon, visit a temple and watch a traditional dance performance.

On your third day in Bali, hit the road and head deep into the jungle to discover Bali’s famous monkeys in the Monkey Forest. Be careful with your belongings as they are thieves and will not hesitate to take what you have. In the afternoon, stop to look at the rice paddies along the way, and marvel at the beauty of the surrounding nature. In the evening, watch the sunset at Tanah Lot and enjoy a drink. Back at the villa, enjoy a moment of serenity by taking a refreshing dip in the pool. 

The following day, we take you on a tour of Ubud’s famous temples, renowned for their beauty and grandeur. You can choose to visit a Hindu temple in the center of Ubud. Named Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati, it features a lotus pond and traditional dances are regularly performed here. You can also visit the Pura Tirta Empul temple, which is a place of ritual for Hindus. The water is said to be sacred and to bring spiritual purification. And afterwards, there’s nothing better than ending your day’s visit with a yoga class, a very popular sport in Bali, which will allow you to relax while doing some exercise.

Amed, 3 nights

After 4 days in Ubud, we now suggest you continue your discovery of the island by going even further north to discover the Amed region and its surroundings. Don’t leave too late, though, as it’s a 2 hour drive. To make the most of the drive, stop off at one of the many waterfalls along the way. Some of them are only accessible on foot, so don’t hesitate to park your car and go on your own to discover them. To spend the afternoon in style, we recommend you settle down at the Joli Best View Café for a plate to share or just a nice fresh coconut. From here, you can admire Jameluk Bay and take a break from the road. In the evening, let our villa XXX welcome you and immerse you in an immediate sense of well-being. Let yourself be tempted by a midnight swim in its superb pool if the mood takes you.

When you wake up, grab your snorkel and go snorkeling in Jameluk Bay. If you want a more complete experience, continue your maritime discovery by going in search of the USS Maritime, a famous shipwreck in Tulamben. Once your swim is over, we suggest you visit the Soekasada Ujung temple, a veritable water palace built in 1909. Located around 30 minutes from Amed, it is well worth a visit. On the way back, stop off at a Warung (small typical restaurant) to enjoy a Nasie Goreng, a specialty of Indonesian fried rice with vegetables and meat if you like. At the end of the afternoon, we recommend that you get some rest so that you’re in good shape for the next day.

At midnight, order a car to take you to discover Mount Batur. Take advantage of the 2-hour drive to rest a little longer.

Seminyak/Jimbaran, 4 nights

Once at the bottom of the mountain, you embark on a 3 to 6 hour ascent, depending on the route you choose. The ideal is to reach the top of the mountain before sunrise. On the way down, take a refreshing dip in a lake. Take a car and drive to Seminyak. The journey takes around 2 hours, so you can relax and enjoy the view along the way. Our superb villa will welcome you and offer you a night of dream to rest from your emotions.

The following day, we recommend that you have breakfast in the Green Village, where you can enjoy a hearty meal. We recommend spending the afternoon at the Finns Club, a famous beach club, to soak up the sun. Don’t forget to wear sun cream, as the sun is very strong between midday and 2pm. Return to your sumptuous villa for a shower and a rest, and ask your chef to prepare a meal to suit you. In the evening, we recommend a meal at Peachy’s and then finish your evening at La Favela.

The next morning you can hire a scooter to take you to Jimbaran for the day. Stop at lunchtime to sample some of the best seafood in Jimbaran at the market. The shopkeepers will offer you fresh, top-quality produce, so treat yourself! In the afternoon, return to your villa to settle in and go out to admire the fabulous sunset on this side of the island.

For the end of your trip, we suggest you head down a little further to visit the beaches of Uluwatu. They are among the most beautiful beaches on the island. We recommend Nyang Nyang beach or Padang Padang beach. In the late afternoon, visit the Uluwatu temple and get your tickets for the fire show: the Kecak and fire dance. This show allows you to watch traditional dances while enjoying the sunset. We advise you to arrive a little early so that you can choose the best seats. When you return, enjoy your sumptuous villa in this serene location villa Bali!


If you want to be closer to these areas, you can find one of our perfect villas near Jimbaran:

It’s already the day of your departure… We hope that your stay has been as pleasant as possible and that your discovery of the island has gone well! If you have any further questions in regards of Bali villa rental and villa management Bali, please do not hesitate to contact our Bali Je T’aime estate agency.

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